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State of Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board
License & Permits

Walk-in applications can be processed from 8:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. most days. A call to the office is suggested.

How to go about getting a Tow Safety License and Permit:

  1. Decide which type of towing you are to do: Non-Consent, Vehicle Immobilization, or Consent Only towing.           


    Consent Only Towing- means towing, storage, or recovery of any vehicle and
    which towing, storage, or recovery is done with the permission of the owner
    or other person in charge of the vehicle.

    Vehicle Immobilization Service-- means a person operating or directing others to operate a wheel clamp.

    Non-Consent Towing - means towing, storage, or recovery of any unattended or abandoned vehicle as defined in this subchapter (A.C.A. 27-50-1202) or any
    disabled or inoperative vehicle for which the owner preference is waived by
    the owner or person in charge thereof.


  2. Contact the office for paper work or you can download a form from our forms  page. Rules and Regulations available on-line with  application instructions and guidelines.

    State of Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board
    7418 North Hills Blvd.
    Phone (501) 682-3801
    Fax (501) 682-3589

  3. Have trucks inspected {inspection form completed} by any certified law enforcement officer.

  4. Fill out information sheet. Return information sheet, an inspection
    sheet for each truck, Certificate of insurance, three pictures of each vehicle    (both sides and the license plate visible on tow vehicle), and payment. (Tow Safety License $ 150.00 renewable annually) (Tow Vehicle Safety Permits  $72.00 each, renewable annually). Check or money order, payable to Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board.   [Note:  if adding a new vehicle, tow vehicle safety permit fee will be prorated at a rate of $6.00 per month to make it renew with current tow business license.] Contact office for Vehicle Immobilzation Service Licensing.

  5. Consent and Non-Consent towing: Be sure to include a copy of your Certificate   of Liability Insurance. Non-Consent towing operators be sure to show "on-hook", "cargo", or "in-tow" insurance in the amount of at least $50,000, and Garage Keepers Legal Liability, or impound lot coverage, in the amount of at  least $ 50,000, (See Rule 9) listing the Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board as a certificate holder.


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